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"The King of Controversy" A daddy and a business man

A little about me

kurin_about I'm 'an entrepreneur. I've served in Fayetteville North Carolina for more than 10 years as owner of We Print T-Shirts, Inc., and as author to the wildly popular and controversial book series, “The Black Man’s Guide on How to Cheat on Your Woman.”  I'm a dad and I'm a mentor.  I love to help people help themselves and I support those people around me in every way I can.  I'm Kurin Keys and welcome to my site.Contact me today!

  • Just b/c I don't need you, doesn't mean that I don't love you. Lets stop promoting codependency as a viable part of love b/c it's NOT!- KURIN SAID
  • You won't find a wife chasing hoes and you won't find a wife if you let hoes chase you.- KURIN SAID
  • Most women can tell you what and who is a good man but can't explain to you why they don't have one!- KURIN SAID